November 10, 2018

Also featured this year:

Matt Bray

Eric Bischoff, Reality TV Producer | How the news media is stealing from the pro wrestling playbook

Moran Cerf, Ph.D., Neuroscientist | How to control your own reality with your mind

Jacyara de Oliveira, Mixologist | The secret to excellent service

Dr. Alison Escalante, Pediatrician | The parenting “shouldstorm”

Michelle Furlow, Emergency Preparedness Expert | A story of calamity to community to rocks

Monica Genta, Educator | How Starbucks could save education

Mark LaPenna, Space Communications Pioneer | Connecting the other half of the world

Vernon LaVia, Birder Superlister | Earth avoidance and the widening nature gap

Benny Lee, Incarceration Reentry Specialist | When do prisoners wrongs end and their rights begin?

Ian Maksin, Cellist, Composer, and Multilingual Vocalist | Musical Performance: Respiro and Per Me, Per Te

Col. Jill Morgenthaler, Ret., Leadership Expert | A colonel defines disruptive leadership

Don Pettit, Ph.D., NASA Astronaut | Why the moon first

Anirudha Sumant, Ph.D., Superlubricity Materials Scientist | Superlubricity - near zero friction from nanodiamonds

Jodi Swanson, Artist | Where do the strong cry? A marriage ending photo.

Sarah Blossom Ware, Ph.D., Biohacker | Interview with a biohacker



NOVEMBER 10, 2017


Phil Boissiere, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist   |  30 seconds to mindfulness

Ben Bradley, Vanity Authority   |  The narcissist deception

Matt Bray, YouTube Star   |  Viral stardom...from pervasive boredom

Ralph Covert, Children's Rock Performer   |  4 simple steps to writing a song

Daryl Davis, Racial Conversationalist   |  Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies

Janet Derrick, Satiation Distributor   |  Humanizing the impoverished by replacing food pantries

Dr. Edward Ellison, Doctor Care Advocate   |  Saving the lives of those who save lives

Lynne Franklin, Persuasive Speaker   |  Reading minds through body language

Michaela Horn, Student Stress Researcher   |  Teen stress from a teen perspective

Robert Renteria, Civil Rights Activist    From the barrio to the board room

Dr. Volker Rose, Nanoscale Materials Physicist   |  Combining nanoscale science

Bohuslav (Bob) Rychlik, Slovakian Fujara Master   |  Fujara and freedom

Craig Sampson, Human-centered Designer   |  The secret language of objects

Subhi Khanna, Hindi Pop Jazz Artist   |  My two lives and the musical fusion it created

Hazel Wagner, Ph.D., Mind Mapper   |  Want to learn better? Start with mind mapping.

Richard Wistocki, Internet Crimes Investigator   |  Why you should be spying on your kids

Rad Uncle, Improv Group   |  An improvised summary of TEDxNaperville 2017

Also featured this year:

Jeff Ash (Host)

Joaquin Garcia

Rajiv Halim

Jeremiah Hunt

Juan Pastor

Catherine Tilly



NOVEMBER 4, 2016

Roger Anderson, Legacy Telecommunications Privateer   |  Telephone spam problem? Bring in the robots.

Mike Byster, Mental Mathematician   |  Math tricks to make you look like a genius

Seth Darling, Ph.D., Molecular Engineer   |  Invisible water: The hidden virtual water market

Dr. Richard Doss, Army Suicide Prevention Expert   |  Trained not to cry: The challenge of being a soldier

Daniel Geiter, Ed.D., Educator   |  He who opens a school closes a prison

Lena Hatchet, Ph.D., Bioethics Researcher and Public Health Advocate   |  Distressed community solutions in plain sight

Peter Himmelman, Singer/Songwriter and Television Composer   |  Impermanent things

Garry McCarthy, Former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department   |  Legal cynicism: The greatest threat to policing

Dale Obrochta, TEDxNaperville Idea Exposer   |  Balloon Art Performance

Adam Russo, Counselor   |  Why we must teach our kids to fail

Tim Ryan, Hope Dealer and Drug Rehabilitation Expert   |  The heroin denial epidemic

Josh Stumpenhorst, Educator   |  A classroom-led solution for changing our school system

Scott Tillema, Hostage Negotiator   |  The secrets of hostage negotiators

Also featured this year:

Lewis Achenbach

Jeff Ash (Host)

Dr. Laura Bokar

The Campaign for a New Naperville Flag Team - Connor Tenny, Andy Wang, Nathan Ashta, Haider Sarwar, Jack Penrose, and Ritvik Manda



NOVEMBER 6, 2015

Lewis Achenbach, Improvisational Artist   |  Jazz Occurrence

Meryl Davis, Olympic Figure Skater   |  The two sides of gold

Dr. Michelle Drouin, Relationships and Technology Expert   |  Online love: We're playing the game, but what are the rules?

Jack Gilbert, Ph.D., Microbial Ecologist and Educator   |  Why getting dirty is the new clean

Jill Howe, Storyteller   |  Storytelling sessions: Telling your truth

Kurt Melcher, Collegiate Esports Pioneer   |  Gamers: The rising stars of collegiate athletics

Rook Nelson, Skydiver   |  Assembling the largest human puzzle at terminal velocity

Trisha Prabhu, Teen anti-bullying Activist   |  Hacking the adolescent brain to stop cyberbullying

Jeff Wallace, Juvenile Rehabilitation Educator   |  An insider's plan for rehabilitating the juvenile justice system

Arden Warner, Ph.D., Physicist   |  Solving an ecological disaster from your garage

Also featured this year:

Eileen Dougharty

Cody Gough (Host)

Russ Riendeau, Ph.D.

Mark Schab

Marta Wilmes


NOVEMBER 7, 2014

Jeff Chamberlain, Energy Storage and Policy Expert   | The energy Manhattan Project that will change everything

Chanson du Chat, Gypsy Jazz Musical Group   |  The one man music genre

John Coyle, Olympic Speed Skater and Horologist   |  How to design moments that help you live (almost) forever

Joselyn DiPetta, Diversity and Inclusion Expert   |  The missing piece in the gender equality puzzle

Steven DuPuis, Experience Designer   |  Why companies get too big to care

Nicholas Hartlep, Ph.D., Race Researcher   |  How to talk nasty about Asians without sounding racist

Devorah Heitner, Technology Educator   |  The challenges of raising a digital native

Zainab Zeb Khan, Humanitarian and Artist   |  How to fight injustice without saying a word

Randy Lewis, Corporate Disability Pioneer   |  Why I hired a workforce no one else wanted

Joseph Lloyd, Cryptographer   |  Welcome to the new digital oppression

Russ Riendeau, Ph.D., TEDxNaperville Disruptor   |  Session one, Session two, Session three

Anthony Snape, Rock Musician   |  Bringing the concert to the fans

Brian Willis, Law Enforcement Officer   |  The most dangerous weapon in law enforcement

Also featured this year:

Dale Obrochta

Jill Salzman (Host)



NOVEMBER 8, 2013

Joe Abraham, Entrepreneur   |  Finding your entrepreneurial DNA

John Barley, Brewer   |  The culture of beer

Joshua Corman, Cybersecurity Expert   |  Swimming with sharks: Security in the Internet of things

Jim Elliot, Diver and Humanitarian   |  Diving for therapy

Julie Friedman Steele, Social Entrepreneur and Futurist   |  3D printing: It's evolutionary

Leah Guzowski, Scientific Strategist   |  Rethinking energy

Jeff Hyman, Fitness Technology Expert   |  Fitnesstech

Brendan Kiburg, Particle Physicist   |  How moving a 45-ton magnet helps discover the universe

Nick Sarillo, Restaurateur and Entrepreneur   |  How to make a big little business

Emerson Spartz, Web Mogul and Viral Media Expert   |  Why things go viral (and how you can too)

Dustin Thacker, Tinkerer and Educator   |  An ode to the art of playfulness

Katarina Visnevska and Zak "Fox" Jablow, Electric Violinist and DJ   |  Connecting with music



+ (PLUS)

NOVEMBER 8, 2012

Gunnar Branson, Real Estate Mogul   |  Moore's Law of real estate

John Coyle, Olympic Speed Skater and Horologist   |  If at first you don't succeed...

Rhon Daguro, Technologist and Entrepreneur   |  Logically programming with emotion

Wes Douglas, TEDxNaperville Idea Visualizer   |  Scribing Performance

Estesombelo, Experimental Ambient Rock Group   |  Musical Performance

Dan Hooper, Ph.D., Particle Physicist   |  The higgs boson: What we still don't know

Benjie Hughes, Musical Collective Designer   |  Fostering a new musical community

Ian & Ani Duo, Classical Music Duo   |  Our lives within classical music

Megan Kashner, Social Entrepreneur   |  The power of one

Nicholas Percoco, Cybersecurity Expert   |  Unlawful interception

Dr. John Principe, Doctor and Chef   |  Recipe for a healthier America

Dominique Raccah, Publishing Entrepreneur   |  The promise of digital books

Rick Stevens, Microbiologist   |  The Earth Microbiome Project

Jeannie Walters, Customer Experience Expert   |  Creating meaningful micro-engagements

Also featured this year:

Lucas Segovia

Kara Zimmerman



NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Justin Ahrens, Humanitarian and Designer   |  See different, do different

Richard Godwin, Space Commercialization Expert   |  Our next space journey

Mark Hattas, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur   |  Architect the future

Richard Hill, Executive Consultant   |  Consecrate the madness

Tracey Hosey, Educator   |  Foximus Prime

Todd Kelsey, Nonprofit Visionary   |  The nonprofit stock exchange

Othar Lawrence, Extreme Athlete   |  Redefining risk

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, Psychologist and Happiness Coach   |  The science and skill of happiness

Thomas Negovan, Archaic Artist and Musician   |  Creating the world's first album without using electricity

Jill Salzman, Momtrepreneur   |  Why moms make the best entrepreneurs

Also featured this year:

Caitlin Eckdahl



MARCH 25, 2010

Bryan Campen, Futurist   |  The Long Now Foundation

Charlie Catlett, Computer Scientist   |  Emergent technology and the fall of privacy

Dr. Robert Wolcott, Innovation Expert   |  Innovating your life

Michael Kiefer, Digital Brand Protectionist   |  It's only free if you want it to be

Geoff Rhyne, Chef   |  The slow food movement

Harold Clampitt, RFID Consultant   |  Ambient information: The DNA of decision making

Todd Flaming, Technology Innovation Protection Lawyer   |  The revolutionary app you already know

Doug Sisterson, Meteorologist and Environmental Scientist   |  Global warming: Real deal or good story?

Naperville Central High School Drumshow   |  Musical Performance