Todd Fink

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Artist & Musician

Todd is an artist, thinker, speaker, and social and environmental activist. He is the co-founder of the acclaimed music group The Giving Tree Band and the creator of the Kind Mind podcast. A modern Renaissance man, his songs, videos, articles and lectures on health and harmony have inspired many around the world. He has had an album reach the Top 40 on the Americana Radio Charts and his podcast has routinely been a Top 40 in the category of Alternative Health. He holds certifications in addiction counseling and mindfulness meditation and earned his psychology and music degrees from Georgetown University.

Todd has been a wellness consultant and mentor for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, schools, governments, and other organizations and leads many seminars and international retreats. He draws upon experiences from extensive world travel, encounters with eminent scientists, creatives, and spiritual leaders and works fervently to help communities build sustainable cultures of well being and peace.