Jodi Swanson



Jodi Swanson is a photographer most known for her Women of Strength project. She has exhibited this project internationally, but prefers to post her work online in the hopes it will reach someone who truly needs it. With a Facebook following of 75,000, her haunting work not only tells the stories of inspirational women, but documents her own journey through the darkness of a relationship and coming out of it. Her camera was her form of healing and setting herself free from the silent tears so many cry but never speak of.

By day, Jodi works in corporate technology. She is a single mom to a 10-year-old boy who is a Waveland Ballhawk and chicken connoisseur. The two of them travel once a month from Wrigley to her parent's small farm in Wisconsin to visit the fainting goats and to be a little bit “country.”

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