Jason Chase

Carbon Nanotube Manipulator & Artist

Jason Chase is the artist-in-residence at NanoLab in Waltham, Massachusetts where he specializes in the use of Singularity Black, a carbon nanotube paint developed by NanoLab for NASA that has the lowest visible reflectance of any paint available.

Since 2017, Chase’s residency has involved expanding the use of the substance through NanoLab’s Singularity school, guiding artists in how to use the substance best. He also advises the lab on how to improve the substance and adapt more of their technology to the art world.

Chase was also instrumental in developing the world’s first carbon nanotube oil paint, Gravity Black, and a soon-to-be-released hue-less white paint. His hand-painted samples of these materials are now part of the Forbes Harvard Pigment collection and the Yale pigment collection.